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Here is where you'll find all the stuff that doesn't quite fit in any of the other areas of the website.
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Dr. Hath's Slide Show Presentations: Click here to view Dr. Hath's slide show presentations.
Back to School Night On-Line Resources 2012-13
Backpack Strategies: Learn more about backpack injuries and how to minimize the risk.
ICE in Your Mobile Phone (PDF file): ICE stand for 'In Case of Emergency'.  Program it in your mobile's phone book so emergency responders will know how to contact your family in case of an emergency.
Building Your Child's Self-Esteem (PDF file): From the California PTA Parent Involvement Commission, 15 ways to help children like themselves.
School Food Standards Calculator: Do your foods measure up to California's school food standards?
California Content Standards: Read about the State's Content Standards.
TUSD Health and Wellness Guide: Read about the TUSD Wellness Policy and Health and Wellness Resources.
Information on Whooping Cough: There has been over 4900 cases this year. Read all about how to recognize the symptoms.
Kid's Instructions on Life: Read some funny quotes from kids.
Torrance Police Department: Social media information flyer.
Torrance Police Department: Crossing Guard Information.
GATE News: Read about information regarding Gifted and Talented Education.  Also available in Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
DELMAC Workshop: District ELMAC Workshop information.  Also available in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

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