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Legislative - Be Informed, Vote for Education!

Election Day is coming soon!

Please VOTE on November 6th!

Two initiatives are on the ballot that involve funding for education.
Here's a brief (but not comprehensive) description of how these initiatives could affect our school:

Proposition 30 -- the Governor's Proposition
Provides flat funding, which means that the budget for schools will stay the same (no decrease, no increase), from an increase in taxes. If this fails, it will trigger a reduction in funds as of January 1st that is already in place, which will result in $10.3 million reduction in funds to TUSD.

Proposition 38 -- the Molly Munger Proposition
Provides guaranteed additional funding for school districts for 12 years, from an increase in Personal Income Taxes on a sliding scale (based on income).

Both initiatives can pass, but only one can go into effect. If both pass, the one with the most votes will go into effect. If Prop 38 wins and 30 fails, the trigger will still go into effect, but monies from Prop 38 may make up for the losses.

Please be informed so you can make a good decision! Check out some of the links here for more information or do your own research.
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> YES on 30
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